domenica 26 aprile 2015

Alla scoperta del carisma

Stati Uniti, Canada, Polonia, Sud Africa, Lesotho, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Indonesia. Questi i Paesi da cui provengono gli Oblati che qui in Aix stanno vivendo “l’esperienza de Mazenod”, tre mesi di formazione continua. Missionari che hanno ormai alle spalle anni di lavoro apostolico e che si fermano per valutare il cammino fatto, approfondire la vita oblata, rinnovare le forze interiore.
Ho vissuto questa settimana con loro, dando un corso intensivo sul nostro carisma. È stato una immersione completa sulle fonti della nostra spiritualità. Un corso insieme di studio e di vita. Hanno avuto la pazienza di seguirmi giorno per giorno, per ora intere di lezioni. È stata una gioia per loro e anche per me.

Interessante le valutazioni di questa settimana da parte dei partecipanti:
What was your most enriching “experience” this week?

-                     Fabio's conferences were challenging, enriching and thought provoking, his love for the Founder and his knowledge was really overwhelming, I’m inspired.
-                     After this week’s experience I feel a need within me to deepen my love for our Congregation.
-                     Marvellous presentations, concluding with Mary is like concluding in heaven, that’s how I feel! It was enriching, obviously it will take time to digest everything but I feel grateful and challenged, a whole new world has been opened to me. I regret why I did this experience so late in my life...
-                     Excellent! Amazed by Fabio’s intellectual calibre, he shared his best with us.
-                     The week was energizing and enriching, excellent methodology, new insights on the Founder as a person who read the signs of the times, this is important for my focus today. I was challenged in hearing about the daring and zeal of the Founder and his first companions. It was great to be reminded of the aspect of dependence on others that "I can't do it on my own and alone" I need others..., I liked the Founder's attractive approach.

-                     The whole week was really enriching, I liked hearing of Jesus as the first Oblate, I am feeling challenged to be an Oblate, a total offering. I have new insights on the Charism as an experience and a way of life. I ask myself do I live it?
-                     Powerful talks! Amazing knowledge of the Congregation, very enriching, I feel the interest to read more on the Founder and deepen my knowledge of him. I regret that after 50yrs I didn't know much on the Founder and our charism, I’m ashamed! The Founder has never been well presented to me, it's a real sadness that after 50yrs I never got to know him... I had a chance to be involved in the Founder’s studies in my province but I took my name off, today I regret having missed that opportunity.
-                     The theme on apostolic holiness Fabio gave me new insights on this area. I’m feel shaken. It is amazing how it has been over 200yrs that people have lived this charism and being united till today. I feel strengthened in my vocation.
-                     The deepening of the theme on Oblation was great to hear. I have new insights on the word Oblation, that our consecration as Oblates was understood clearly as total offering long before we were called Oblates, very impressing!
-                     The pilgrimage to the cemetery was a beautiful experience. This was a special week indeed, I am feeling recalled in my vocation. So many precious and enriching things. I have a deeper understanding and new insights on the Charism.
-                     Enriching! It was my first time to hear such wonders! I feel motivated to learn more. Something is kindled within me, I want to deepen this fire that I feel within me...
-                     I feel a certain re-assurance of my vocation, I feel like I am at the right place, grateful of what I have heard this week... More Oblates need such an experience, send the Superiors here at the beginning of their ministry.
-                     Very intense week but fulfilling. There is a renewal in my heart.
-                     I am deeply touched. Amazing methodology, new insights on community as a family, love for each other becoming more like friends, that’s what the first community was, not just brothers but friends too.

-                     I feel a sense of pride in being an Oblate. Being reminded of the family aspect of our Congregation was enriching. I was touched by the new insights I’ve gained on community life, I liked a lot the idea of “Heterotopia” as opposed to “utopia”, making our communities true places of encounter of “come and see”.

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  1. Molto belle le reazioni dei partecipanti: il tuo lavoro e la tua passione, Fabio, portano frutto.

  2. I have just read the wonders you have done in Aix. In Portuguese we say: Parabéns! Ringrazio Dio con te. Celso Corbioli